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The impact of Werner Risau´s work

The reverberation of the novel concepts and views that Werner Risau had developed in the field of angiogenesis research, i.e. on the molecular mechanisms that direct the growth of new blood vessels in development and disease, can still be vividly heard - more than ten years after his death: In a very recent article published in The International Journal of Developmental Biology Domenico Ribatti from the University of Bari Medical School, Italy, reviewed the seminal work of Werner Risau in the study of the development of the vascular system and in particular on the formation and maintenance of the blood-brain barrier. Here is a link to the abstract. We will try to also make the PDF available in the download section. Please check back soon!

Judah Folkman dies at 74

Dr. Judah Folkman, a path-breaking cancer researcher who faced years of skepticism before his ideas led to successful treatments, died Monday January 14 in Denver. He was 74.

We all deeply regret to hear about the death of this great visionary, who pioneered the field of angiogenesis research. It was in his lab, where Werner Risau had developed the concept that blood vessel formation during embryonic development could occur by similar mechanisms as during tumour growth, further continuing on this topic when he had returned to Germany.

All members of the Werner Risau Prize Commitee had had the chance to meet with Judah Folkman once in a while and we all agree that it was always a distinct pleasure to discuss science with him. "Spectacular" and "Fantastic" were words that he used quite often in these discussions, when we explained our research projects - and although we knew that there was still room for improvement in the studies that we presented, we all were caught by his enthusiasm.

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