The Oscar 2021 goes to - Isidora Paredes!

We are happy to announce our this year´s winner of the Werner Risau Prize: Dr. Isodora Paredes from the group of Carmen Ruiz de Almodovar at the European Center for Angiosciences in Heidelberg. The competition was tight again as in previous years, but Dr. Paredes finally succeeded with her work on bidirectional neuronal progenitor to endothelial crosstalk, that impacts oligodendrocyte precursor cell specification. This study made its way to the Apr 2021 issue of Nature Neuroscience. Congratulations She will be presenting her work in a webinar on November 18th, starting at 12:30 pm. The Zoom-ID for this meeting is 845 0235 9100. Join the webinar to follow Dr. Paredes´ talk, and also to get to know a few other DGZ awardees!

Application Deadline for 2021: July 31

As the Corona crisis is still prevailing, the usual Fall Conference of the GBM / DGZ will again be organized as a virtual meeting. As in the year before the Werner-Risau-Prize will nevertheless be awarded within the settings of a special webinar. More detailed in formation on that is not available yet and will be announced at some time point later this spring. For now the deadline for the Werner-Risau-Prize prizes has been set to July 31, 2021. So please, hurry up and send in your applications!


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