The 2017 Awardee - Kerstin Wilhelm!

This years awardee of the Werner-Risau-Prize for outstanding achievements in endothelial cell biology is Dr. Kerstin Wilhelm from the Angiogenesis & Metabolism Laboratory headed by Michael Potente from the Max Planck Institute for Heart and Lung Research in Bad Nauheim, Germany. Bad…. what? you may ask, since this little town about 35 km north of Frankfurt is not exactly a hip location like Berlin or Munich or Cologne. But: The Max Planck Institute there is a very prestigious one that experienced a restart into a new life, when Werner Risau had moved to this place with his group and started working there on blood brain barrier formation and angiogenesis mechanisms in the early nineties. We are therefore proud to see that Dr. Kerstin Wilhelm is following in this tradition and is continuing research on the formation of the vascular bed. Her research, recently published in Nature (Nature (2016) 529: 216-220) focuses on the role of the transcription factors FOXO1 and MYC during vessel growth and maturation and has implications for endothelial proliferation, growth and metabolism.

As usual the prize will be awarded during the Spring Meeting of the German Society for Cell Biology, this year on March 1st, in Leipzig. Hope to see you all there!