The race is open again

Here it finally is: The application form (in the download section) for the next 2017 Werner Risau Prize award. The prize will again be handed over during the Annual Meeting of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Zellbiologie (DGZ). this time in Leipzig, Germany between March 1 - 3, 2017. Hurry up, if you have an interesting story just published or in press, and which you are prepared to present to an international audience of dedicated cell biologists- it`s definitely worth it! If you don´t believe it - I am not getting tired to point at previous winners of our prize. Just try to google where some of the previous Werner Risau Prize winners are now advancing their career....

But remember: The application deadline is January 30, 2017! So do your paperwork and send it in ASAP!

No Winner for 2016!

Unfortunately, we could not find a person this year that would have qualified in our opinion as a laureate for the Werner-Risau-Prize Sad . We are still looking into the potential reasons as to why this happened: Fewer people that actually knew Werner Risau personally and bear him in remembrance, low overall visibility of the prize, unpleasant format of the prize ceremony, not enough prestige (or money?) that is associated with the prize - all these points, if true or not, could have contributed to the fact that we had an extremely low number of applicants this year, although we had extended the deadline again for the application considerably. Nevertheless, instead of giving the prize to someone less outstanding, we decided against this option and convinced ourselves that we should do our best and spread the word about the Prize among our colleagues and collaborators and all the scientist that we will meet in seminars and conferences, with much more energy and vigor and enthusiasm as before during the next couple of months!