Application proposal 2016

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The 2015 winner is there - Ayel Ben-Zvi!

Out of a number of astounding studies that were submitted this time tin application for the WRP, we picked the one of Dr. Ayel Ben-Zvi as the winning publication. While working as a Postdoc under the supervision of Dr. Chenghua Gu at the Department of Neurobiology at the Harvard Medical School, he was able to identify a new gene, Mfsd2a, which is responsible for the proper blood-brain barrier formation during embryonic development, while suppressing trans-endothelial vesicular transport t the same time.

He and his colleagues could also demonstrate that this differentiation process was independent from vessel neoformation or angiogenesis in the CNS and also independent from vascular patterning (the latter being the process of how vessel invade the CNS tissue and how the form branches there). Dr. Ben-Zvi currently is a Principle Investigator at the Department of Developmental Biology and Cancer Research at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Congratulations!!Tomorrow he will give a presentation on this topic at the DGZ Annual Meeting in Cologne!