Inernational Meeting of the DGZ 2014 in Regensburg

The dates for next International Meeting of the German Society for Cell Biology and the Society for Developmental Biology are out: Reserve a few days from March 18 - 21, 2014 and get blown away again by a variety of fascinating topics in cell and developmental biology during the next meeting, which will be organized in Regensburg, Bavaria. Deadlines for abstract submissions and the program will be available soon at http://www.zellbiologie.de/de_tagungen.phtml. As soon as the Meeting poster will be made available, we will also provide a link to download it from this site.

The 2013 winner - Rui Benedito

This years winner of the Werner-Risau-Prize for outstanding achievements in endothelial cell biology is Dr. Rui Benedito from the Molecular Genetics of Angiogenesis Laboratory in the Cardiovascular Development and Repair Department of the CNIC in Madrid, Spain. Dr. Benedito studied the interplay between Notch and VEGF receptor signaling and found that VEGFR3 is more important as modulator of the crosstalk between DLL4/Notch and VEGF signalling pathways, as opposed to VEGF receptor 2, which has been thought to have a crucial role in this crosstalk.