Next: The 2008 DGZ Meeting in Marburg

The next 31st Annual Meeting of the German Society for Cell Biology (DGZ) will be held in Marburg, Germany, March 12-15, 2008. Like in the last years, this excellent meeting will again provide us with the opportunity to award the Werner-Risau-Prize for oustanding research in vascular biology. Deadline for applications to the Werner-Risau-Prize is January 15, 2008, and this is also the deadline for submitting an abstract to the DGZ meeting. So make up your mind and apply - there will be lots of highly interesting talks and exhibitions! For more detailed information on the meeting, please have a look at the new website (http://www.zellbiologie2008.de).

Hope to see you all there!

Karina Yaniv: Our 2007 laureate!

This year the Werner-Risau-Prize committee again had received a series of outstanding applications for the Werner-Risau-Prize award. It was therefore not an easy task to separate out one particular application and to drop all the other outstanding studies.The committee finally decided on Karina Yaniv from Brent Weinstein´s Laboratory of Molecular Genetics at the NIH as our 2007 laureate, who had applied with an extraordinary publication in Nature Medcine on the development of the the lymphatic vessel system. Using zebrafish as a model organism and highly sophisticated microscopy techniques she could follow the formation of the lymphatic vessel system during embryonic development and provide evidence for the hypothesis that lymphatic vessels have a venous origin. We are convinced that her contribution represents a milestone in lymphangiogenesis research and will the pave the way for future research in that field. Read more about Karina Yaniv on our laureate page!

Coming up: The 2007 DGZ-Meeting

The application deadline for the Annual meeting of the German Society of Cell Biology (DGZ) has been postponed to Monday, February 5, 2007. So there is still time to register and to submit an abstract. Some of the topics that will be in the particular focus of this years meeting are listed below.
For more information and registration, please see:
http:// www.zellbiologie2007.de
There will be plenty of excellent talks and you will have the opportunity to meet with old and new colleagues in your area of research. And of course, if you particiate you also will have a chance to attend the ceremony on Wednesday afternoon, March 14, in which the Werner-Risau-Prize will be awarded. We again received a number of outstanding applications and it won´t be an easy task to single out a particular one.

Main topics of the 2007 DGZ meeting:

Cellular/Molecular Bases of Ageing (S1)   
Quality Control of Macromolecules (S2)   
Long Range Transport Systems (S3)   
Cellular Mechanics (S4)   
Molelcular Basis of Chronobiology (S5)   
Tubular Morphogenesis (S6)   
MicroRNA (MS1)   
Structural Dynamics of Organelles (MS2)   
Gases as Signalling Molecules (MS3)   
Molecular and Functional Organization of the Postsynaptic Scaffold at Central Nervous Synapses (MS4)   
Cellular Control of Metal Homeostasis (MS5)   
3-D Methods in Cell Biology (MS6)   
Cell Volume Regulation (MS7)   
Host-parasite Interactions (MS8)   
"Sweet Biology": The Sugar Code in Cell Biology (MS9)               
Cytomechanics in Development (MS10)     
Others (O)